Based on our clients’ personal profiles we will locate and match them with the most compatible Chinese businesses to create a strong foundation for potential joint ventures.
Moreover, our extensive experience in the Asian markets and our far-reaching relationships with Chinese business partners allow us to provide our clients with an unmatched comprehensive cultural training focused on business success throughout Asia.


One of our main strengths is to help our clients to craft and process goods, especially on a large scale and by means of industrial machines.
Our profound experience allows us to guide our clients through the whole process of manufacturing: from obtaining raw materials to designing and packaging the finished products, including manuals and all other requirements.Not only will we find the most proficient but also the most price efficient manufacturing solutions for our clients. We help our clients turning product ideas into reality.


Our holistic quality management process will assure that our clients’ products comply with all the necessary ISO-standards. Furthermore, we guide our clients through the complete process of acquiring any kind of certifications that are needed to conduct business.


Our Chinese office will not only represent our clients in China, but can also be utilized for any kind of negotiations with Chinese businesses which often require a high level of cultural awareness and expertise. We provide a usable business address and contact person in Hong Kong, as well as mailing services and banking services.


Our dynamic workforce can assist our clients throughout the entire documentation process. This includes Technical drawings for your products, Form A, Bill of Lading, Purchase and Sales orders, Packing lists, Invoices, Customs and Duty clearance. We also negotiate terms and prices. We are committed to function as a „Full service buying office“.


Our unrivalled network can assist you with your market research. Our suppliers and manufacturers can further simplify the process by supplying information regarding cost, manufacturing and developing time, shipping schedules cost and more.


As a company that has weathered numerous challenges, VanSchlunConsulting believes that it can play a great role in the Logistic area of any venture. Through our extensive experience we can readily assist you with the entire logistics process. We arrange for your goods to be picked up at the factories and to be safely brought to the port, and we guarantee a safe and problem free transport all the way to your door.


In the past, many of our customers, who were specialized on wholesale, preferred to buy a brand product. Through the reputable T&D brand we can supply products, which we develop according to our clients’ demands including packaging, design and all requested extras.


Many of our clients ended up establishing their own companies throughout Asia after having successfully established their markets. In these particular cases we assisted our clientele through the whole process, from the registration of the corporation to the opening of representative offices. We have thorough experience with wholly foreign owned enterprises as well as Joint ventures and therefore we are able to find the most tax-efficient legal structures for our clientele. As part of this service we also supply guidance with brand establishment, patents, and any Visa related issues.


We connect you with an Asian partner, in order to fulfill all outsourcing needs, documentation, order procurement, and workforce supply.


Any kind of document can be translated.