About us

„Ability will never catch up with the demand for it“

This sageness, given to young company founder Wolfgang van Schlun by his Chinese mentor on his first journey to Asia, did not only loom the imminent growth of Asia’s economy, but also marked the beginnings of VanSchlunConsulting. Nowadays, with deep rooted business relationships, a flawless reputation, industrial ties to a dozen countries and over four decades of experience, VanSchlunConsulting is confident to help any client to successfully conduct business and to reassure their full potential in the complex Asian markets. Due to our notable joint ventures and extensive network of distinguished connections, we can ensure a consistent and unrivaled manufacturing quality. Combined with our expertise in European quality management and our customer first attitude, we offer the perfect solutions for our demanding clients


Our objective is to help clients establish themselves and reach their full potential throughout the complex Asian markets. We are determined to earn our clients’ enthusiasm by aligning their company-specific strategies with the elaborate cultural standards of the Asian markets in order to optimize any potential business opportunities in the future.


To become a leading player and a proxy of the European and Asian economy.

Our Business

Each product manufactured by VanSchlunConsulting is in strict compliance with international product quality standards. Our unmatched reputation for high quality standards has always played an essential role in the rapid expansion of our company’s client base. The activities of VanSchlunConsulting are divided into four categories: Consulting, Manufacturing, Financial Investments and Real Estate.